Varicocele surgery under high resolution microscopy

Description of the approach

The principle of treating varicocele is to block the flow of blood back to the testicle. A varicocele surgery under microscopy can be proposed in case of failure of the embolization.

Are there other alternatives for treating a varicocele?
The treatment can also be performed by percutaneous embolization in radiology by an interventionist radiologist. With a puncture of a vein of the arm or thigh, a catheter is introduced to the testicular vein to deposit springs to permanently obstruct the dilated vein. The results are comparable to those of surgery. Surgery may be proposed if embolization fails.
How is a varicocele cure performed by microscopy?
The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and a sperm block in a minor surgery room completely equipped with a high-resolution microscope in the Montreal clinic.

A short incision is made at the inguinal level. The spermatic cord is exposed. The spermatic veins are identified under the microscope are identified and then ligated. The skin is closed by resorbable threads.

The intervention can last about an hour and 30 minutes.
What are the risks and complications of a varicocele cure by microscopy?
It may appear a secondary hydrocele.
It may have a persistence of dilated veins despite improved symptoms.
There is a risk of recurrence: the risk is low, but possible due to abnormal venous communications and reoperation or embolization may be proposed.
Delayed healing that may require prolonged local care. Infection.
Testicular atrophy: it is exceptional after this surgery.

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