Urethral pain in men

Pain in the urethra is a common condition in men. It can be due to an inflammation of the urethra or to a urethral stenosis. Depending on their origin, they can manifest themselves by different symptoms more or less severe depending on the case. Treatments also vary according to the type of problem. How to recognize these diseases? What are the symptoms and possible treatments? Origins, manifestations, diagnosis… The Marois Clinics tell you all about it.

The different types of problems

Pain in the urethra in men can be a sign of urethritis or urethral stricture.

Causes of urethral pain in men

Depending on the nature of the problem, the causes of urethral pain can vary greatly.

Les différents types de problème à l'urètre

Symptoms of urethritis

Urethritis usually presents with several different symptoms. The patient may experience urinary burning, urethral discomfort and/or spontaneous urethral discharge outside of urination. This discharge may resemble pus or serum and may be accompanied by blood.

Urethritis may also be manifested by urinary frequency or hematuria (blood in the urine). Depending on the extent and origin of the infection, other clinical signs may also be present.

Symptoms of urethral stenosis

Urethral stricture results in the majority of cases in very thin or double, interrupted, spiral urinary jets. It can also be manifested by the following signs:

  • dripping of urine after urination,
  • burning sensation when urinating,
  • presence of residual urine as a result of obstruction or urine flow,
  • urinary tract infection,
  • hematuria (blood in the urine)

In the most severe cases, stenosis can lead to complete obstruction of urine flow.

Les examens possibles pour la sténose

Possible tests to diagnose infections

In order to diagnose infections that cause male urethral pain, it is possible to perform different tests depending on the patient’s symptoms.

Treatment of urethral pain in men

The treatments proposed by the doctor are different depending on the problem that causes pain in the urethra in men.

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