What is a stenosis of the urinary meatus?

The urethra begins at the lower end of the bladder and opens into the glans in men, and above the vagina in women. In women, the urethra is much shorter (about 4 cm) than in men (about 20 cm). A narrowing of the urethra in its course, is thus more likely to occur in men than women. Stenosis of the urethral meatus is a narrowing of the urethra, at its opening. It is categorized as a mild illness, but it is nonetheless an uncomfortable condition.


  • An Ativan may be offered an hour before the procedure to help calm the person.
  • Anti-coagulant drugs should be stopped a few days before the procedure. Aspirin treatment can sometimes be continued at a low dose.
  • To prevent infection, you may be given a dose of antibiotics before the procedure


  • Avoid physical exertion for seven days.
  • Resumption of activity is usually rapid (within a few days).
  • Sexual activities can be resumed after seven days.
  • A post-operative follow-up will be done within four to 12 weeks; follow-up consists of evaluating the improvement in urinary symptoms and the good quality of the bladder emptying. Recurrences are unfortunately frequent.
  • In the event of recurrence, home self-dilation is sometimes offered.