Ejaculation pain, what to do?

A painful ejaculation is a pain felt during or at the end of ejaculation. Ejaculation occurs in two stages: the emission phase and the expulsion phase. During the emission phase, secretions accumulate in the urethra near the prostate. This is followed by the expulsion phase, which is characterized by a mechanical movement with a succession of perfectly coordinated contractions that ensure the evacuation of the semen to the outside. It is these contractions that can cause pain during ejaculation. Symptoms, causes, treatments, Les Cliniques Marois gives you all the information you need about painful ejaculation.

The symptoms of painful ejaculation

Pain during ejaculation may occur during the semen expulsion phase or after ejaculation. The patient may feel a burning sensation or electric shocks in the genitals or lower abdomen. It can also be similar to ejaculation without pleasure or sexual orgasm.
The duration of ejaculation pain can vary from one individual to another. It can be punctual for some men, or last several minutes or even hours for others.

What causes painful ejaculation?

Painful ejaculation is usually associated with prostatitis. It can also have neurological, musculoskeletal, psychosomatic, infectious or inflammatory causes.

La prostatite de type II

The different possible treatments

Although antibiotics are often recommended to eradicate various infections, they should not be taken without the advice of a specialist. This can lead to other complications such as resistance to certain molecules or the inability to accurately identify the origin of the condition. Furthermore, since ejaculation pain can have several origins, it is essential to determine the source of the problem before prescribing an appropriate treatment.

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