Understanding erectile pain

Source of pleasure, the erection in men is a symbol of virility. Unfortunately, this action can quickly become unpleasant, even very painful for some people. Very abnormal and worrying, a painful erection must systematically lead to a medical consultation. What are the causes of this pain? When should we be concerned? What treatments are available? Find out from Les Cliniques Marois everything you need to know about erectile pain.

Causes of erectile pain

Pain during erection is not a pathology. Rather, they are symptoms of other more or less serious illnesses that require treatment. The causes of a painful erection can therefore vary depending on the pathology it hides.

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When should I consult?

Having pain during erection should be worrisome in all cases. Even if some causes are less serious than others, it is important to consult a doctor or a urologist as soon as possible in order to limit the risks of complications.

One of the first reasons you should seek help is if there are visible signs. For example, if you have a penile fracture, you should immediately contact a urologist or your doctor for referral to a specialist. This is also true for priapism, the first sign of which is an intense erection that lasts for several hours (more than 3 hours), without any sexual stimulation.

Another reason to consult a doctor is if you experience a disturbing pain during an erection. Even if this pain occurs when the penis is at rest, it is still wise to consult a doctor to be sure.

Most causes of erectile pain can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is therefore important to consult your doctor to find a solution to the problem. Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction can occur without any pain. It can be an inability to maintain a firm erection until orgasm, to penetrate or to simply get an erection.

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Treatments for erectile pain

Treatments for erectile pain generally vary depending on the source of the problem.

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