What is Interstitial cystitis (Bladder pain syndrome)

It is characterized by a feeling of pain and pressure in the bladder area and frequent urges to urinate, day and night. These pains and urges to urinate are often very intense, sometimes unbearable. Pains can also affect the urethra and vagina. Typically, urination partially or completely relieves these pains for a short time.

The syndrome evolves differently from one person to another. At first, the symptoms tend to appear and disappear on their own. The periods of remission can last several months. The symptoms tend to worsen with the years. In this case, the pains become worse and the urges to urinate become more frequent.

Interstitial cystitis mainly affects women. It can be declared at any age from 18 years old. Interstitial cystitis affects about 5 to 10 times more women than men.

For the moment, there is no cure. This disease is considered chronic bladder problem.