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In men, the appearance of urinary disorders is more and more frequent with age. In fact, nearly 30% of men in their fifties and 50% of men in their seventies and older are affected. These figures, by no means insignificant, are proof that this problem affects a significant part of the male population. Many people who suffer from this problem often do not understand the cause and, above all, the attitude to adopt in such a situation.

The Symptoms

There are many warning signs of urinary disorders in men. These symptoms are actually irregularities that occur when you feel the need to empty your bladder:


It is the difficulty to urinate par excellence in men. It is therefore the symptom by which the presence of urinary disorders is most often manifested. It is characterized by intense burning sensations during urination which can become very painful.

Urination by pushing

This is often linked to the previous symptom. Indeed, if you have difficulty urinating or notice that your urine flow is weak, you will instinctively want to make an abdominal push. However, this urge is not necessary in normal circumstances.

A dysfunctional stream

The stream may be watering can, choppy (urination interrupted or interrupted several times in a row) or hesitant (slow or delayed urinary process).

Weak urinary stream

If you notice that your urinary stream has lost its strength, then it is likely that you are suffering from urinary disorders.


The need to urinate several times in the middle of the night.

A feeling of incomplete urination

Where you will have the sensation that the bladder has not fully released after emptying.

The presence of delayed drops

Urine drops that occur after urination is complete.

Dragging micturition/terminal drips

The bladder emptying is very slow to the point of ending with a drip.

Urinary incontinence

Is the involuntary loss of urine. It can occur in different ways: spontaneously, in drips, during an effort or continuously.

The presence of blood in the urine


Causes in humans

There are several reasons why men may experience urinary problems. Indeed, from one case to another, difficulty in urinating in men can result from very different causes.

The treatments

Treatments for urinary disorders are varied. They fall into two categories: medication and surgery. However, there are also new types of treatments with promising results.


If the doctor feels that medication will not be effective, then surgery is likely to be considered. From minor to major surgeries, there are many ways to treat, and possibly resolve, male urinary difficulties.

Here are some of them:

Innovative treatments 

New treatments are constantly being developed to treat men’s urination difficulties. Among these innovations, two are particularly interesting: Optilume and Rezum.


There are different reasons for urinary problems. It can be an infection, an enlarged prostate or even kidney cancer. If you have difficulty urinating or notice irregularities during urination, contact our urologists as soon as possible!

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