Screening Exams for Men

Dr. Carlos Marois Urologist Private’s clinic now offers its male clientele a screening, preventive medicine and follow-up same-day consultation service.

Services offered exclusively to male patients:

  • Screening and treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Screening and treatment of overactive bladder
  • Screening and treatment of testosterone deficiency
  • Screening and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Screening for prostate cancer

Description of the procedure

Urinary Flow Rate
Urine flow measurement is a simple medical examination. It evaluates precisely the pressure of the jet, the quantity of urine evacuated and the duration of the urination.

During this examination, you will urinate in a device that looks like a toilet. The device is a funnel. The exam lasts a few minutes. It is wirelessly connected to a computer. The result is then printed on a sheet. Urine flow varies with the age and sex of the patient. If the result indicates problems, especially obstruction, other tests may be necessary to clarify the diagnosis.

After urinating, a nurse will ask you to lie on your back on an examination table. You will be asked to detach your pants and expose the subpubic area. An ultrasound probe with gel is deposited on the belly. The bladder is visualized and the amount of urine remaining after urinating is measured.

Laboratory Examination
Some analyzes may be done prior to the visit or after the visit, including:

  • Urine analysis
  • APS (prostate specific antigen)
  • Total testosterone and bioavailability
How will the meeting with Dr. Marois go?
He will interpret and compare the questionnaires. He will ask you additional questions. He will do a physical examination of the genitals, which usually includes a digital rectal examination, to examine the prostate. Dr. Marois will check for volume, texture and abnormal symptoms.

He will discuss with you the possibilities of treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy treatment of overactive bladder, treatment of testosterone deficiency treatment of erectile dysfunction or possible treatment of prostate cancer.

If the results indicate problems, further tests may be needed to clarify the diagnosis.

What are the possible treatments following screening?

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