What are condylomas?

There are mostly genital warts or growths, found on the penis or scrotum and pubic area. They might also be present in the perineum or around the anus.

It is generally accepted that approximately 50% and 70% of the sexually active population will be in contact with HPV during their lifetime. However, most of us get rid of it spontaneously. On the other hand, about 1% of the population suffers from condylomas, but they cause few symptoms.

Usually, the incubation period is about 1 to 8 months, although much longer delays (up to several years or decades) have been reported. In addition, some people who get HPV fight it well. and do not show any symptoms. Unknowingly, they carry it and develop lesions when their immune system is reduced by age, disease or treatment. It is therefore difficult to know exactly when and from whom they caught HPV.

What is the cause of condylomas?

Usually, the virus (HPV) is transmitted during direct sexual contact of the genital organs, whether penetrated or not, with a person infected with the virus. Transmission can also occur through contact with infected genital secretions. It is extremely unlikely to be passed on without sexual contact.

Two-thirds of those exposed to condylomas by their partner will develop it within 2 to 3 years after unprotected sex.

What are the complications in humans?

In humans, some types of HPV are associated (HPV 16 or 18) with anal cancer and more rarely with penile cancer. Over time, some genital warts can turn into precancerous lesions, then into cancer.

How to make a diagnosis of condylomas in men?

Condylomas are most often detected with the naked eye. They are sometimes difficult to diagnose because they may be the same color as the skin or hide in folds of skin or mucosa.

In case of doubt, our urologists can do a biopsy (taking a piece of skin for a pathological analysis).

When screening for STD, there is no specific test for HPV.

What is the treatment for condylomas in men?

The condylomas can disappear spontaneously without any intervention in a few months in 50% of the people affected. However, some men in good health or with problems of the immune system will have difficulty to eliminate them.

The goal of treatment is to remove visible lesions only. A solution of podofilox sold under prescription under the names Condyline or Wartex that burns warts. A prescription imiquimod cream that stimulates the immune system's response. This cream is sold under the names Aldara or Vyloma.

Liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) is frequently used in practice. The tissues are destroyed by several successive freeze/thaw meetings. If the treatment is too painful, the person may apply anesthetic cream before treatment.

Les Cliniques Marois offer a private setting with rapid appointments and fully equipped operating rooms for such types of minor surgeries. Moreover, all patients have telephone follow-ups by one of our urology nurses, in the days following the procedure.

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