Accutite Treatment and Labioplasty for female genitalia


Accutite Treatment and Labioplasty for female genitalia

Approximate time105 min

Cliniques Marois is the first clinic in Canada to offer the smallest minimally invasive radiofrequency contraction device for the reduction of adipose tissue (fat) or skin. The Empower RF device is a clinical and versatile device that offers this treatment that can improve the visual appearance of the genitals & sexual health without surgery or a long recovery period.

AccuTite: an avant-garde and innovative solution for the well-being of women!

How does AccuTite help with tissue laxity?

AccuTite is a minimally invasive procedure for soft tissue hemostasis and coagulation. This innovative procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, clinically and without excising excess skin. It is done in less than 30 minutes.

AccuTite can be performed on the labia majora and minora, suprapubic area (men too!), and vestibule.

The device is designed with extensive safety features to reduce the risk of thermal injury.

The application of a dielectric coating (thin submicron layers of transparent material that does not conduct electricity) provides an additional layer of safety during procedures.

The temperature sensor inside the cannula ensures temperature control during treatments. This treatment is performed by our specially trained urologists.

The whole process takes 30-45 minutes.

Is the Empower RF device approved by Health Canada?



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Preparation before Accutite and Labioplasty treatment for the female genitals

  • Hair should be shaved – not plucked or chemically removed – in the treatment area two days prior to treatment. Jewelry must be removed in the treatment area.


  • It is best to empty your bladder before the procedure.


  • Avoid blood thinners such as aspirin throughout treatment (if health condition permits) and subject to physician approval. Blood thinners increase the possibility of bruising.

Recommendations after Accutite and Labioplasty treatment

Post-treatment recommendations

  • An emollient cream or healing ointment would be applied to the external treatment area. Ex: Vaniply, Vaseline, antibiotic ointment or Aquaphor can be used.


  • Scabs may appear after one to three days and remain for several days after treatment. They should not be touched or scratched even if they itch and should be able to flake off naturally.


  • Blisters can be treated with a prescribed antibiotic ointment or burn cream at the discretion of the urologist.


  • For the first two to seven days following treatment, any mechanical or thermal damage to the area should be avoided (e.g. laser hair removal, sexual intercourse, etc.)


  • In case of vaginal discharge, a panty liner can be worn the first day after treatment.

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