What is scrotal ultrasound?

Scrotal ultrasound, also known as testicular ultrasound, is a medical imaging examination performed in men. This technique makes it possible to visualize the scrotum and its contents, that is to say the testicles and the epididymides. Scrotal ultrasound allows for a deeper diagnosis and validation of the presence or absence of a disease.

The scrotum contains:

  • The testicles, which are the organs allowing the production of spermatozoa and testosterone.
  • The epididymides, which are long channels folded on themselves, contiguous to the upper surface of the testicles and which serve for the maturation and transport of the spermatozoa towards the vas deferens, joining the prostate.
  • A specific liquid, naturally present in small quantities, in which testicles and epididymides are present.