Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones affected by low libido syndrome. At least 1 in 5 men periodically suffer from low libido. According to the Global Sexual Attitudes And Behaviour Study on a sample of 13,618 men of all ages and backgrounds, periodic low libido affects about 28% of the population. Nearly 4% of this population suffers from hypolibido. Like erectile dysfunction, the causes of low sexual desire can vary from one individual to another. There are many solutions to treat this condition. What causes a loss of libido in men? How do you get rid of this problem? The team at Cliniques Marois will tell you everything you need to know about loss of libido in men.

Causes of loss of libido in men

Loss of libido in men is characterized by a total or temporary lack of sexual desire. In severe cases, this can lead to erectile dysfunction. A lack of male libido can also be caused by physical and psychological factors.

  • Physical causes of fluctuating sexual desire in men

    One of the main causes of loss of libido in men is a lack of testosterone. With age, the body naturally produces less testosterone. This hormone plays an essential role in sperm maturation and sexual desire. If the level of this hormone drops, it can inevitably lead to a lack of sexual desire. This can cause frustration or loss of confidence.

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) can also be the cause of low libido in men. ED can affect a man’s ability to ejaculate or reach orgasm, to be sexually aroused or even sexual impotence.

    Ejaculation disorders (erectile dysfunction) can include difficulty ejaculating, premature ejaculation or difficulty maintaining an erection long enough to satisfy a partner. In most cases, these abnormalities lead to a loss of libido.

    Taking certain medications or substances can cause a man to lose his sexual desire. The side effects of some medications include libidinal impulses. This can lead to a decrease in a man’s sexual desire. In most cases, these side effects are temporary and disappear when the treatment ends. If this is the case, maintain your drug schedule and talk to your doctor before stopping.

    A lack of or decreased sexual desire can also be caused by certain infectious, endocrine, neurological, urological or chronic disorders and diseases such as diabetes, HIV, kidney failure and obesity.

    Most men like to boast about their sexual merits. However, some men may experience sexual impotence. This involuntary impotence combined with the frustration of a dissatisfied partner can cause variations in libido.

    Low sex drive can also be caused by dissatisfaction. Sexual intercourse without excitement or satisfaction can be very unpleasant. If this happens repeatedly, it can naturally lead to a lack of libido.

  • Psychological causes of low libido in men

    The absence or lack of libido in men can have several psychological and mental causes, including:

    • Anxiety
    • Stress and fatigue
    • Sexual trauma
    • Frustration with lack of performance
    • Sexual dissatisfaction
    • Relationship problems

    Anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue can negatively impact the intensity of a man’s sexual desire. Men who are constantly under pressure at work or have chronic fatigue can gradually lose the desire to have sex. If a man suffers from depression or chronic stress, he can no longer relax. Over time, this can reduce his desire to have sex.

    A decrease in sexual desire can be due to a traumatic event. Sexual assault, infidelity or a very bad sexual experience are all emotional shocks that can dampen a man’s libido. In general, most people (men and women) who have been victims of rape have flashbacks of their aggressor when they decide to have a sexual relationship. This can create a block that manifests itself as decreased libido.

Causes de la perte de libido chez l'homme

How to regain male libido

Depending on the cause of the problem, low male libido can be treated in several ways.

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle can improve your libido

    Healthy living plays an essential role in achieving physical and mental health.

    To boost your libido, it’s essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid eating too much fat, sugar or salt. Prioritize foods that stimulate testosterone secretion, such as salmon, avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes and cheese. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

    The second tip for a healthy lifestyle is to regularly engage in sports. Being moderately physically active for at least 30 minutes can increase the secretion of endorphins and serotonin. These are often referred to as the happy hormones and can help reduce stress and improve your libido. The goal isn’t to do intense exercise. According to some studies, sports addiction can have the opposite effect. 3 to 4, 35 or 1-hour sessions per week are more than enough to rebalance your libido.

    Insomnia is also a factor that can impact your libido. In fact, it’s one of the symptoms of anxiety and chronic stress. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability as it creates functional imbalances in the body. To improve your libido, make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

  • Take a step back to better care for yourself

    If you have low libido, it’s important to take time to focus on yourself. At some point in their relationships, men sometimes need their own space to decompress and reconnect. Taking time away from your partner can also help you miss each other. Time apart can create more desire.

    On the other hand, if a man feels bad about himself, he can lose his libido. As with women, he may lose confidence and feel unwanted. The best thing you can do is participate in activities to help you regain your confidence. For example, you can pamper yourself or change your wardrobe to make you look your best.

  • Communication as a couple, an effective way to improve libido

    Another effective way to regain sexual desire is through communication. It can be difficult for some men to disclose what they think is a weakness to their partner. However, this is one of the best solutions, especially if you’re aware that your condition may affect your partner’s well-being. Even if you don’t say anything, your partner has probably already noticed your lack of sexual desire. Don’t ignore the situation.

    Try to discuss the issue as a couple without taboos or frustration. Together, you’ll find the best solution to the problem. During this conversation, don’t forget to clarify that your loss of libido is separate from the love you have for your partner. After this discussion, you can plan a romantic vacation, a weekend away or a romantic evening to help reawaken your libido.

    You can also try spicing up your love life to help resolve the issue. For example, you can try new sexual positions or have sex in places you’ve fantasied about. Of course, this must be done with your partner’s consent.

  • Supplements to boost libido

    Men can try to stimulate their sexual desire naturally by taking supplements. Supplements provide the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. However, taking supplements cannot replace a healthy diet.

    Try the following natural supplements to boost your libido:

    • Ginseng
    • Ginger
    • Maca
    • Vitamin complexes

    Ask your doctor for advice before adding a new supplement to your diet.

  • Supplements based on aphrodisiac plants

    Ginseng has been used for decades for its many benefits. This rhizome is known for its aphrodisiac, stimulating, energizing, balancing and antioxidant properties. It tones the body and helps reduce stress and minimize fatigue that can cause a decrease in sexual desire. It helps improve circulation and can help remedy erectile dysfunction in men.

    Like ginseng, ginger is a rhizome known for its aphrodisiac properties. Many studies have highlighted the benefits of this root on sexual stimulation. Ginger also has vasodilator virtues which help stimulate the blood flow necessary for an erection.

    A symbol of sexual vigour and fertility in Peru, maca is a root that’s known for its aphrodisiac benefits. Rich in isothiocyanates and glucosinoals, this plant is a natural energy booster. When taken in combination with a healthy diet, maca supplements can help stimulate sexual pleasure.

  • Multivitamin complexes

    Taking supplements that contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements can also improve your libido. Iodine-based supplements, as well as magnesium and zinc can help you have a more fulfilling sex life.

    Zinc helps regulate testosterone levels in the blood, while magnesium helps with  muscular contractions in the penis. Iodine helps regulate thyroid hormones, which help balance the libido.

  • Therapy, an effective way to fight low libido

    Therapy is an effective way to correct low libido in men, especially if it’s caused by psychological or emotional factors. It helps the patient understand the source of the problem so they can take the necessary steps to fix it. Therapy can be done alone or as a couple. If the pain is related to a traumatic event that concerns your partner, it’s very likely that you’ll benefit from couple’s therapy.

    Sex therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that aims to correct certain sexual dysfunctions. It uses systemic, integrated, psychodynamic or cognitive-behavioural approaches to treat sexual disorders in patients.

    If you want to improve your libido, you can consult a sex therapist to help you get rid of the stress linked to your condition. These sessions can help you express your distress or anxiety to a professional. The therapist will listen to you without judgment or criticism. It’s often easier to share your feelings to someone who isn’t your partner.

    Keep in mind that sex therapy is only effective if the decreased libido isn’t caused by a health problem. Therefore, it’s important to first have a health assessment. If your problem persists even though you’re in good health, a sex therapist can help.

    Whether your lack of sexual desire is due to psychological or emotional factors, the professional will pinpoint the origin of the problem. After this step, the therapist will set up a recovery program. This will help increase sexual satisfaction and pleasure between you and your partner.

  • Consult a specialist to understand the problem

    Low sexual desire can be caused by using certain substances and medications. The only solution is to make an appointment with your doctor explain your problem. If the sexual dysfunction is due to the side effects of a medication, the doctor may decide to reduce the dose to limit the inconvenience.

    The doctor may also decide to change the treatment and prescribe another alternative to the problematic medication. This will help you safely regain your sexual balance.

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Medical treatments to correct sexual disorders

There are several medical treatments for both men and women that can effectively treat a lack of libido. Here are three medical treatments offered by Cliniques Marois to correct this disorder.

  • Shockwave therapy, an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction

    Shockwave therapy uses acoustic and vibratory shock waves to correct erectile dysfunction. It stimulates the creation of new microvascular blood vessels to increase blood supply to the penis. Shockwave therapy can help men maintain a complete and lasting erection. In addition to optimizing sexual performance in men, shockwave therapy is particularly beneficial for people with erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular disease.

    Shockwave therapy is painless and doesn’t require anesthesia. It involves using a probe that emits low-intensity shockwaves to different areas of the penis for a few minutes.

    The advantage of this procedure is that it doesn’t require any preparation. During the first consultation, the doctor will first perform a general evaluation to determine your health status and eligibility for the procedure. The doctor will be very attentive to your needs and will explain the procedure and the results that can be obtained. The doctor will then do the first treatment and give you advice on how to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment.

    A minimum of 3 sessions is required to achieve good results. Shock wave therapy has an average efficacy of 64%. Its effectiveness best in patients who respond to PDE-5. The treatment is less effective for diabetic patients and those over 60. Our urologists have years of experience and can recommend other treatments if the results aren’t significant after 3 sessions. If you respond well to the treatment, the effects can last up to 2 years.

  • Testosterone supplements to optimize sexual desire

    Testosterone  replacement therapy effectively prevents the decline of this hormone as men age. It aims to restore sexual desire, energy and overall well-being for those experiencing low libido.

    Apart from boosting libido in men, testosterone supplements help enhance  erection quality. Testosterone also helps regulate muscle mass, fertility and red blood cell production. This hormone has a positive effect on mood, which promotes concentration and memory. This replacement therapy can be administered through direct injection, skin absorption or into the muscle tissue.

    Here are the different possible methods of administration:

    • Nasal gels that are administered directly into the nostrils
    • Gels that can be applied directly to the skin
    • Treatments administered by means of a patch
    • Subcutaneous injections
    • Drinkable capsules

    Testosterone can also be administered in the form of bio-identical granules. This method of administration is simple, very stable and very effective. That’s why it’s often used at Cliniques Marois. These tiny bio-identical testosterone granules are injected directly into the fat of the buttocks.

  • Plasma injection to correct erectile dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction can cause a man to lose his libido. Platelet-rich plasma injections are an effective solution to this problem. This minimally painful procedure is designed to treat erectile dysfunction and increase a man’s libido.

    A penile plasma injection consists of taking plasma from the blood which is then enriched with platelets. This serum is then injected into the genital area. This stimulates tissue growth and regeneration to improve the patient’s erection. This procedure must be performed by a urologist with specialized equipment that complies with current health and safety standards.

    This procedure is intended for men in their forties and older who have various sexual problems, such as difficulty maintaining an erection and low libido. To optimize the effectiveness of this treatment, it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle. For example, the results are less effective in patients who smoke. This is because smoking negatively affects blood circulation.

    Loss or decrease of libido in men can be caused by many physiological and psychological factors such as stress, taking certain drugs and substances, lack of certain hormones, erectile dysfunction, sexual dissatisfaction and fatigue. It may be beneficial for men to change their lifestyle, consult a doctor, take nutritional supplements or make an appointment with a sex therapist.

    Medical treatments such as testosterone supplements, penile plasma injections and shockwave therapy are also very effective in restoring libido and promoting a better erection. Don’t hesitate to consult one of our specialists to take advantage of these different treatments.