Better understanding of low libido in men

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only women who are affected by low libido syndrome. At least one in five men periodically suffer from low libido. According to a study conducted by the Global Sexual Attitudes And Behaviour Study on a sample of 13,618 men of all ages and backgrounds, periodic low libido affects about 28% of the population. Approximately 3.9% of this population would suffer from hypolibido. Like erectile dysfunction, the causes of low sexual desire can vary from one individual to another. Today, there are many solutions and treatments that are effective against this condition. What are the causes of loss of libido in men? How to get rid of this problem? The Marois Clinics tell you everything you need to know about the loss of libido in men.

Causes of loss of libido in men

The loss of libido in men is manifested by the total or temporary lack of sexual desire. In the most severe cases, this can lead to erectile dysfunction. The causes of a lack of male libido can be physical or psychological.

Causes de la perte de libido chez l'homme

How to regain your male libido?

Depending on the cause of the problem, low male libido can be treated in different ways.

Retrouver sa libido masculine

Medical treatments to correct sexual disorders

For both men and women, there are several medical treatments that can effectively treat a lack of libido. Here are three medical treatments offered by Les Cliniques Marois to correct this disorder.

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