Paraphimosis refers to the blockage of the foreskin – the skin covering the glans of the penis – when it is brought backwards.

The foreskin can not then return to its normal position and is blocked behind the glans, which itself can be “strangled”.

All uncircumcised men with a rather tight foreskin are potentially at risk for a paraphimosis.

This is an urgent condition that must be treated without delay and that requires a reduction of the paraphimosis as quickly as possible, by a doctor or in one of the Cliniques Marois.

What are the causes of paraphimosis?

All uncircumcised men with a tight foreskin, are potentially at risk for paraphimosis.

Paraphimosis may occur if the foreskin has been brought back from the glans for a prolonged period of time (eg. during or after sexual activity).

Paraphimosis may also be due to a forceful reduction of a phimosis.

It can also occur in a man who has had a urinary catheter placed, but without having put the foreskin back in place.

What are the symptoms of paraphimosis?

Strangulated glans

The main symptom of paraphimosis is the inability to return the foreskin to its normal position above the glans, thereby causing strangulation.

Swelling (swelling)

Paraphimosis can cause acute and painful swelling of the glans, sometimes associated with urinary retention.


Extreme cases of prolonged paraphimosis cause an interruption of the blood circulation with necrosis of the glans and part of the foreskin.

How to prevent a paraphimosis?

Paraphimosis can be prevented by complete circumcision but other precautions can be taken without performing this ablation:
  • Ensure regular and adequate hygiene of the penis;
  • Always replace the foreskin on the end of the penis after cleaning the penis, sexual intercourse, urinating or after a medical examination;
  • Never leave the foreskin behind the end of the penis for long periods.
  • What is the treatment of a paraphimosis?

  • A reduction of foreskin under penile block.
  • A foreskin plasty is sometimes necessary to release the ring.
  • After the resolution of a paraphimosis, it is strongly advised to carry out a circumcision eventual to avoid its recurrence, in the child to as in the adult.
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