Spermatocele (Epididimal cyst)

What is a spermatocele (epididymal cyst)?

A spermatocele is a sperm accumulation above the testicle. It comes from the obstruction of a canal between the epididymis and the testis. This spermatocele is responsible for an increased size on one side or both sides of the scrotum. It is a benign disease that cannot become infected or evolve into a more serious disease. They can, however, become larger after several years.

However, it can be responsible for discomfort in certain physical activities or aesthetic dissatisfaction.

How to make the diagnosis of a spermatocele (epididimal cyst)?

It is indeed a scrotal mass that is mainly located above the testicle in question. The diagnosis is usually clinical. A scrotal ultrasound is sometimes necessary when it is bulky. They are sometimes more difficult to differentiate from a hydrocele.

Treatment options for a spermatocele that is not too troublesome?

Spermatoceles that are not symptomatic or uncomfortable do not need treatment, since they are a benign disease.

What to do if the spermatocele is really uncomfortable?

There is no medical treatment for a spermatocele; however, it is possible to treat it surgically by a spermatocele cure.

Surgical treatment for spermatocele?

Spermatocele surgery (Spermatocelectomy)

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