Treatment of hair regrowth by micro-injections of plasma (Alopecia) – men


Treatment of hair regrowth by micro-injections of plasma (Alopecia) – men

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Daily hair loss is a normal event that is compensated by the growth of new hair. It mostly concerns men, but it also affects many women. Hair loss can have great emotional impacts in people who have it; luckily, platelet-rich plasma micro-injection treatment is a simple and safe alternative to treat not only alopecia, but also women who want healthier and more abundant hair.

What are the causes of alopecia?

- Hormonal changes are the most common cause, whether they are related to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or endocrine disorders.
- Aging causes a decrease in the production of hormones including estrogen, which is related to the health of the hair.
- Stress, as well as fatigue, overwork and emotional shock, is another cause of alopecia.
- A side effect following medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or taking certain medications.
- Dandruff can smother the hair follicle by accumulating on the scalp and contribute to hair loss.
- Dietary deficiencies and the lack of nutrients necessary for the good health of the hair.
- Some skin diseases such as psoriasis, lesions or scars can also cause hair loss or lack of regrowth.

How can alopecia be prevented?

- Healthy lifestyle (eating well, reducing stress, etc.)
- Avoid washing your hair with very hot water, wearing caps too often or wearing hair elastics that are too tight.
- Moderate the use of heated iron, dye and dryer for the hair.

How does the platelet-rich plasma treatment for alopecia work?

This treatment consists of multiple superficial injections into the scalp of microdrops of plasma rich platelets. Once injected under the skin, the platelets release growth factors that naturally stimulate hair follicles to develop further and slow their aging. The quality and the density of the hair is therefore greatly improved (texture, thickness, pigment), especially if baldness is at an initial stage and it is still possible to reverse the process.

Who are the candidates for this platelet-rich plasma treatment?

-Women suffering from a mild to moderate stage of alopecia or wishing to improve the quality of her hair.
-Women desiring more abundant and healthier hair.

What happens during the platelet-rich plasma treatment for alopecia?

The idea is to bring growth factors to the scalp, which will play a role in the development of vascularization and tissue growth.

The first step of the treatment consists of all in taking venous blood (10 ml) and then centrifuging the contents. The platelet-enriched plasma is then injected by a very precise pneumatic micro-injector using a thin needle.

Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

In general, 4 sessions at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. Maintenance treatment is required for 4 to 5 months.

When do the results begin to show?

The results can be visible at three months, but it is mainly so at six months after the last injections. The density and quality of the hair are usually both improved.

Are there any side effects?

Possible local discomfort, swelling or redness.

Is there any special preparation before the platelet-rich plasma treatment for alopecia?

Simply wash hair the night before, without putting any other hairstyling product.

Are there any recommendations after the platelet-rich plasma treatment for alopecia?

No recovery time is required. The care consists in keeping the scalp clean; a hair rinse can be done in the hours following the treatment and shampoo can be used the next day.

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