Understanding frenulum tear

The frenulum is a membranous line that connects the glans penis to the skin of the penis. If it is short, it causes the glans to be pulled downwards, but this does not prevent the foreskin from retracting. A short, narrow and fragile foreskin can be a real handicap for young men during sexual intercourse. When the erection is strong enough, the frenulum can become painful during penetration. In some cases, it can rupture or crack, causing heavy bleeding.

Frenulum tear is a common phenomenon among young men who have just started their sexual activity. What to do in this situation? What treatments are available? The Cliniques Marois can help you understand the problem.

What is the frenulum?

The penis frenulum is a thin membrane under the glans penis that connects the glans penis to the lower part of the foreskin. The foreskin is the extra skin that covers the glans. During erection, it retracts to make room for the glans. The frenulum has a triangular shape and is more or less long depending on the anatomy of each man. It can therefore be located just below the meatus of the urethra. This membrane contains an artery that can cause an abundant flow of blood in case of rupture.

The frenulum is involved in sexual stimulation and thus helps to trigger ejaculation. If this membrane is pinched during intimate relations, it can delay ejaculation at that moment. The frenulum alone, however, cannot actually cause sexual stimulation. This is because the receptors for sexual pleasure in men are located precisely in the glans penis and not in this small membrane. This is why sexual pleasure remains the same even in men who have had a frenulum procedure or who have been circumcised.


What is frenulum tear ?

The rupture of the penis frenulum is actually a tear in this membrane. This accident usually occurs during sexual intercourse or in rare cases during masturbation.

The frenulum is a very sensitive area, and rupture can cause sharp, momentary pain. The sufferer will then notice significant bleeding due to the many blood vessels in this area of the penis.

This phenomenon, which can be a source of panic, is benign. It can occur in men of all ages, but is somewhat more common in young adults who are in the early stages of their sexual lives. The rupture of the frenulum does not usually lead to any complications.

After a Frenulum tear, the area may be tender for a few days. Eventually, however, it heals. Unfortunately, even after healing, the phenomenon may recur if he resumes sexual activity.

The frenulum may not rupture in some men whose membrane is larger and stronger. During erection, however, it can cause a painful pulling sensation. This sensation can lead to certain types of premature ejaculation in a man.

Risk factors for frenulum tear

Certain anatomical factors may favour the rupture of the frenulum in an elderly man as well as in a young adult. Firstly, this phenomenon is very common in people who have a short frenulum. Once erect, the tension can weaken the frenulum. Unhooding during coitus becomes very uncomfortable.

Sudden or intense back-and-forth movements during sexual intercourse can also cause the frenulum to fracture. These movements pull on the frenulum and cause it to tear. In some cases, this can cause the frenulum to rupture.

Fracture of the frenulum can also be caused by poorly lubricated sex. If the lining of the vagina is dry, it can stick to the skin of the penis and pull on it involuntarily. This can lead to a rupture of the membrane.

Risque d'une rupture du frein

First reflexes in case of frenulum tear

In the event of a haemorrhage caused by a fractured frenulum, it is important to apply first aid before consulting a doctor or, specifically, a urologist. You should compress the wound, disinfect it and apply a healing cream.

What treatments are effective for Frenulum tear?

After a ruptured frenulum, it is important to see a urologist to see if the area is healing normally. In some cases, the scarring may be fibrous and will increase the tension when the penis becomes erect. Surgery may be considered at this time. The surgeon will perform an operation to plasticize the penis. If it is a complete rupture of the frenulum, it is also possible that a surgical treatment is necessary.

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