Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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All currently available intramuscular, subcutaneous, transdermal, nasal and oral testosterone administration treatments may be used. These treatments are all covered by the RAMQ’s provincial drug insurance plan.

There is now a new treatment with subcutaneous testosterone implants.

The choice of treatment type should be an informed and joint decision, between the physician and the patient.

This treatment is not covered by the Quebec drug insurance plan (RAMQ).

What is the alternative treatment of testosterone, administered in the nose?

Natesto is an intranasal gel (5.5 mg testosterone) to be administered in each nostril, twice a day, at intervals of at least six hours.

The testosterone used is bio-identical. This treatment is regularly used, but may cause a metallic taste and nasal problems such as, abnormal or unpleasant smell, continuous runny nose, congestion, sneezing, nosebleeds, discomfort in the nose, scabs or dryness.

What is the replacement treatment for testosterone administered on the skin?

Androgel is a gel sachet, administered daily in the morning, on the dry skin of the shoulders, arms or abdomen.

Testim (testosterone gel 1%) is a tube filled with 50 mg of testosterone gel, applied in the morning on clean, dry skin of the shoulders or arms.

Androgel and Testim should be applied daily and should be completely absorbed before covering the surface of a garment. It is important to wash your hands immediately with soap and water after application. Testosterone in these two drugs is also bio-identical. Those two treatments are frequently used. Their absorption may vary from one patient to another.

What is testosterone replacement therapy given with a patch?

Androderm (2.5mg and 5mg Testosterone Transdermal System) is a single 5mg patch or two 2.5mg patch applied every night (at approximately 22h) to clean, dry skin of the back, the abdomen, arms, or thighs.

It is important to rotate application sites regularly to avoid irritation and not apply the patch to an area previously used until at least seven days have elapsed. It is a treatment rarely used now, since the patches take off easily with perspiration

What is the replacement therapy for testosterone given by injection?

Delastestryl (testosterone enanthate 200 mg / ml) is an injection of 100 to 400 mg given every one to four weeks.

Depo-testosterone (testosterone cypionate 100 mg / ml for injection and generic) is usually prescribed as a 200 mg injection administered every two weeks.

These are forms of synthetic and non bio-identical testosterone treatment. These treatments are regularly used when the gels are not effective enough. They have a jagged effect; be more effective in the first days and less effective in the last days before a new injection. They have a high rate of erythocytosis (thicker blood by an excess of red blood cells) increase platelet aggregation. There may even be an effect on the avenue of a coronary clot.

Is there an oral medication for testosterone replacement therapy?

Andral(testosterone undecanoate) is a 40 mg capsule to be taken daily, in two or three doses with food.

This treatment is rarely used for its hepatotoxicity and difficulty of absorption, as well as for its short action and low effectiveness.

What is the replacement treatment of testosterone, in bio-identical GRANULES?

This treatment is favored by Les Cliniques Marois for its simplicity, efficiency and stability.

These are small bio-identical testosterone granules that are implanted in the fatty part of the buttock, at 4 to 5 months (depending on the level of activity).

Hormone replacement therapy bio-identical in men

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