Bio-identical replacement therapy

Bio-identical replacement therapy with subcutaneous implants

Bio-identical hormone replacement is a therapy which aims at replacing sex hormones lost by men and women during their lifetime. Dr. Marois is the only surgeon certified in Quebec to offer a bio-identical hormone therapy, via the insertion of subcutaneous pellets (small implants). This treatment balances and optimizes the health and well-being of men and women.

What you need to know about this hormone replacement therapy:

“Hormonal optimization” means to obtain hormonal levels in the higher reference values, ​​and necessary for a better quality of life.

It is BIO because it is made from plants (soybeans).

It is IDENTICAL, because the structure of the molecule is identical to that produced by the human body.

Studies show that this hormonal therapy has helped thousands of people across the United States to age healthier and with more energy; Dr. Marois would like to be able to do the same for his patients!

This treatment is approved by Health Canada and now available at our clinics.

Why use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with?
It is a simple treatment that eliminates the use of oral, topical or nasal medications.

The pellets release bio-identical hormones gradually and steadily, according to the body's demand; their duration of action is therefore several months.

Studies have shown that bio-identical hormones in implants have a more stable and consistent release, compared to other methods of administration.

The hormonal optimization is adapted to each person, in order to reach the desired specific hormonal balance.

Men and women feel better regardless of their age.

This type of treatment avoids the undesirable side effects of synthetic hormones.
What are the differences between implants versus synthetic hormones?
Synthetic hormones are not identical to those naturally produced by the body, which makes them somewhat less effective and more likely to create undesirable side effects. They have a different molecular structure than human hormones and are created from an animal part or animal urine.

The administration of synthetic hormones is oral, topical or nasal and the release can be rollercoaster-like.

In contrast, estradiol, which is found mainly in women and testosterone, which is found mainly in men, are not modified in the pellet treatment, as are those of synthetic origin. In addition, they have a more constant release and dissolve completely; there is no loss.
How long before the hormone replacement therapy begins to work?
Hormonal optimization therapy begins to work within seven to ten days after the insertion of the pellets. Most hormone therapy patients report resolution of their symptoms in just four weeks, but complete optimization can take up to six months.

Your bio-identical hormone therapy course will be customized to meet your specific needs. The imbalance of your hormones takes more than a few weeks, so you can understand that it may take some time for your hormones to return to optimal levels.
How reliable is hormone replacement therapy?
The bio-identical implants have proved their worth after a million insertions. Dr. Marois and his team of nurses are certified for the administration of these implants.

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