Recommendations following a penile straightening (plication) surgery

The day of the surgery
Tylenol (650-1000mg) to manage pain, every 4 hours. A painkiller can also be prescribed, if necessary.
The day after a penile plication
The patient can come and make the first change of dressing at the clinic, if possible, by one of our nurses.
The first three nights after a penile plication
It is strongly recommended to take a narcotic before bed for the first 3 nights, to be less inconvenienced by possible nocturnal erections.
The week after a penile plication
Change the dressing rolled (Kling) with Polysporin ointment (fat) once a day for seven (7) days after the shower and as needed during the second week. You can also apply Polysporin ointment containing lidocaine that could make dressing changes more comfortable.
The dressing needs to be tight enough to prevent bleeding spontaneously and especially during erections.
If the Kling dressing falls spontaneously shortly after the procedure, it will simply have to do it again.
If the dressing is too tight and prevents you from urinating, you will have to undo it to urinate and roll it again, less tightly.
Showers are allowed after 24 hours.
Baths are allowed after 7 to 10 days.
No effort and no physical activity for a week.
The second and third week after a penile plication
It is strongly recommended that you continue to wear a dressing rolled at night during the 2nd and 3rd weeks, in order to avoid traction on the wound and discomfort following nocturnal erections.
Please take a 10-minute bath from the 2nd week to adequately dissolve the absorbable stitch.
Avoid all sexual activities for 4 to 6 weeks.
A postoperative follow-up appointment is scheduled two (2) months after a penile plication for Peyronie’s desease.

For what problems do you consult Dr Marois?

- A worsening of the pain
- A flow through the scar
- Swelling (edema, hematoma) of the penis
- Fever

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