Dr. Franck Sajous, urologist in private clinic

Dr. Sajous, private urologistWith more than 20 years of experience in urology, Dr. Sajous contributes greatly to positioning the Cliniques Marois as a reference in urology in Quebec. Always professional, courteous and pleasant, he inspires confidence, while the precision of his diagnoses and the quality of his treatments confirm his competence.

Who is Dr. Sajous?

Having completed his doctorate in urology at McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Sajous began his practice in 1998 with all the enthusiasm he is known for. Committed to his profession, which he constantly updates in order to offer a variety of state-of-the-art care adapted to each of his patients, he has discovered his particular interests in his specialty. 

Since joining the profession, he has participated in a multitude of research protocols in Quebec, Canada and internationally, including in urologic oncology. And his contribution to research does not end here: he continues to be as passionately involved in it as he was at the beginning, while devoting a good part of his time to teaching, which is of major importance for the improvement of knowledge and care provided by physicians. For this reason, he regularly offers lectures and tutoring services to general practitioners and teaches undergraduate and graduate medical students at Laval University.    


Today, as head of the Urology Department at the Centre hospitalier régional de Lanaudière, and for more than 10 years, he has succeeded in developing, with the help of a close-knit team, a lively and friendly Urology Department that is on the lookout for the latest technological advances. Without a doubt, Dr. Sajous’ enthusiasm is unanimously appreciated by his colleagues as well as by those who consult him to recover their health, whether it be for prostate cancer, sexual and erectile dysfunction, infertility and many other urological problems.


Where does Dr. Sajous practice?

Make an appointment with Dr. Sajous at our Laval clinic.

Areas covered by this private urologist

Dr. Sajous sees patients from Laval, Lanaudière (Joliette, Repentigny, etc.) and the rest of the North Shore at the Laval clinic.

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