Urethral meatomy


Urethral meatomy

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What is a urethral Meatomy?

It is a surgical operation that aims to widen the opening of the urethral meatus which has a narrowing, including a meat stenosis in humans.

The meatotomy is essentially the incision of the urinary meatus to reshape the urethral meatus.

How is a meatotomy performed?

Under local anaesthesia and a penile block, Dr Marois will make an incision in the stenosis using a lancet or an electrocautery to have a satisfactory opening. Absorbable stitches are put in place. A urinary catheter is rarely left in place.

Who are the candidates for a meatotomy?

Patients who have recurrent severe meat stenosis despite auto dilatations with meat dilators.

What are the complications of a meatotomy?

Some patients have recurrences the stenosis. The complication is most often secondary to a loss of elasticity of the circumferential tissues. The bleeding may last a few weeks.

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Preparation before a urethral meatomy

No special preparation.

Take 2 extra strong Tylenol one hour before the procedure for your comfort.

If you tend to make vagal shocks before interventions, be sure to come accompanied and take a gravel 50 mg one hour before surgery.

An Ativan may be offered to the patient who is rather anxious about 30 minutes before the start of the surgery or one hour before surgery.

You must then be accompanied.

Recommendations after a urethral meatomy

A compression roll dressing with ointment polysporin is sometimes applied.

Bleeding can last up to a week.

It is advisable to take Tylenol regularly for the first 48 hours.

An analgesic will be prescribed.

It is advisable to apply Polysporin 4 to 5 times a day for a month to avoid recurrences that are common.

Avoid sexual activities for a month.

Avoid physical effort for 48 hours.

A follow-up is planned for in two (2) months after the surgery.

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