Urethral meatomy

What is a urethral Meatomy?

It is a surgical operation that aims to widen the opening of the urethral meatus which has a narrowing, including a meat stenosis in humans.

The meatotomy is essentially the incision of the urinary meatus to reshape the urethral meatus.

How is a meatotomy performed?

Under local anaesthesia and a penile block, Dr Marois will make an incision in the stenosis using a lancet or an electrocautery to have a satisfactory opening. Absorbable stitches are put in place. A urinary catheter is rarely left in place.

Who are the candidates for a meatotomy?

Patients who have recurrent severe meat stenosis despite auto dilatations with meat dilators.

What are the complications of a meatotomy?

Some patients have recurrences the stenosis. The complication is most often secondary to a loss of elasticity of the circumferential tissues. The bleeding may last a few weeks.

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