Dr. Paul Ouellette, Urologist in private practice

Dr. Ouellete, private urologist

Dr. Paul Ouellette is a practicing urologist in a private clinic. He is passionate about medical research and is involved with his numerous clients, whom he treats for a multitude of problems related to the urinary and reproductive systems. 

Who is Dr. Ouellette?

Dr. Ouellette graduated in urological medicine in 1997 and began his practice in various hospitals in New Brunswick before moving to Quebec in 2001. Very early in his career, he became interested in continuing medical education. His curiosity and thirst for learning led him to work with the Association des urologues du Québec for almost 10 years to share his knowledge and discoveries with the scientific community and family physicians in Quebec through various conferences. 

Intrinsically linked to continuing education, medical research is another field of interest for the specialist, to which he devotes time and effort. A principal investigator in more than 30 research protocols, Dr. Ouellette’s research interests include advanced prostate cancer, overactive bladder, prostate-related urinary tract obstruction and nocturia. 

In order to educate and guide his peers in their surgical procedures, he participates in numerous consultative meetings. Ultimately, it is the patients who benefit from these advances as the treatments they receive become more effective and less invasive.     

Professional and conscientious, Dr. Ouellette welcomes each of his patients with a reassuring human approach that makes it possible for everyone to receive the appropriate treatment or undergo the necessary surgery with confidence.
Finally, although he treats a wide range of urological and sexual health problems, he stands out for his mastery of solutions for erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency in men. He has extensive experience in laser surgery for kidney and bladder stones and prostate problems.     


In which clinics does Dr. Ouellette practice?

You can consult Dr. Ouellette at our South Shore and Greater Montreal clinic. The latter covers the South Shore and the Eastern Townships (Estrie).

He regularly organizes a satellite clinic in Granby.

Regions covered by this private urologist

Dr. Ouellette sees patients for consultations and performs surgeries in the greater Montreal, South Shore, Montérégie, and Eastern Townships (Magog, Sherbrooke, Bromont) areas.

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