Post-operative recommendations for Vasovasostomy

    • After the procedure, we apply a bandage to protect the incision. We also recommend that you wear a scrotal support for 15 days.


    • You must be accompanied home after a vasectomy reversal and must not drive for 24 hours, until the effect of the anesthetic has completely worn off.


    • Plan to reduce your activities for the 2 or 3 days following the surgery. Avoid major physical exertion, lifting weights or exercising for about 1 week. Any exertion may cause bleeding or swelling of the scrotum.


    • Intermittent application of ice after the procedure will reduce pain and swelling. Pain is usually controlled by Tylenol (2 x 500 mg tablets every 4 hours for the first 24 hours). You may require a painkiller prescription to use as needed for some days after the surgery.


    • You may shower after 24 hours and take a bath after 1 week.


    • Sutures will disappear after 2 weeks.


    • A vasectomy reversal should not affect your sexual function and you will not notice any change in your sperm.


    • You can resume sexual activity after 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the healing process and general well-being.


  • Sperm analyses are performed at 3, 6 and 12 months to monitor the success of the procedure.

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