Post-operative recommendations for Vasovasostomy

First day
We recommend that you take Tylenol regularly, every 4 hours, during the first day. Avoid Advil brand medications or other anti-inflammatory drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding. A morphine-based narcotic is also prescribed for better pain control if needed.

After the procedure, a dressing is applied to protect the wound. It is also recommended to wear a scrotal support or a very tight underwear for 15 days.

You must be escorted home after your vasectomy reversal and you should not drive your car for 24 hours until the effect of the preoperative medication is completely gone.
After 24 hours
A shower is allowed after 24 hours.
For 48 hours to 72 hours
We recommend treating the affected area for the first 48 hours with ice, a bag of gel or a bag of peas at 15-minute intervals. This reduces postoperative edema and discomfort in the following days. This is a must-have recommendation.
For the next 10 days
Do not make any physical, sexual or sports effort during the first week. Thereafter, you will be able to resume your usual physical and sexual activities. Any effort could cause bleeding or swelling of the scrotum.

A vasectomy reversal should not affect your sexual function and you will not notice any changes in your sperm. However, it rarely happens to have blood during the first ejaculations.

The sutures to the skin if they are related will disappear after 2 weeks.
After 3 to 4 months
The analysis of the spermogram is done 3 to 4 months after the vasovasostomy. Sampling should be done at home by masturbation in a sterile container (available in pharmacies). This container must be used to collect directly all the semen emitted during ejaculation. It is important that a 3-day abstinence period be observed before sampling. The specimen must be complete. Even a small loss of a few drops should be reported.

Ideally, the time between collection and arrival at the laboratory should not exceed 1 hour. You must keep the heat taken from your body, in your shirt pocket or pants.

You will receive a phone call from one of our urology nurses to discuss your outcome and what to do if necessary. This may take 2-4 weeks after the spermogram is done.

You can also make an appointment with Dr Marois to have an additional discussion if you wish. Spermograms can be done at 3, 6 and 12 months to control success.
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What to do during a complication, problem or doubt?
In case of problems or concerns, don’t hesitate to call Private Urologist Dr. Carlos Marois.

If any complication or problem occurs outside our business hours, or if you are not able to join a secretary to make an appointment, please report to Verdun Hospital Emergency. The emergency physician will try to join Dr. Marois to get his report. Dr. Marois will then be able to give his recommendations over the telephone or will come to see you directly at the emergency room.

Request an Appointment

Dr. Marois is a urologist who is not a member of the Régie d’Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ). As such, the clinic can not claim the RAMQ for the payment of his services. If you consult Dr Marois, you must pay for the services rendered.

Cancellation of appointment:

To ensure the smooth running of the clinic and a minimum of courtesy towards other patients and our staff, we ask you to notify us 48 hours in advance for the cancellation of a consultation, 5 working days in advance for a surgery at the office and 21 working days in advance for a major surgery. If these deadlines are not respected, a cancellation fee of 50% of the service will be charged.

Change of appointment:

We understand that events occur, so we ask you to provide us with at least a 24-hour notice for any change in their appointment; we will be happy to accommodate you, the best we can. However, if you fail to inform us within this timeframe or do not show up, we will charge a $ 100 fee.

Thank you for your understanding.

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