Urinary Disorders & Implantation of Ureteral DJ Stent

Placement of the Ureteral Stent

The double J (or “DJ”) stent is an internal tube placed between the kidney and the bladder. It is implanted either by endoscopy via the urethra or percutaneously after kidney puncture (nephrotomy). Implantation can also be performed using radiologic monitoring.

The stent allows the urine to flow freely by removing an obstruction of the ureter.

This flexible plastic stent (polyurethane or silicone) is rounded at both extremities which allows it to stay in place between the renal pelvis (upper extremity) and the bladder (lower extremity).

The stent is usually implanted with the patient under narcosis, general anesthesia or spinal anesthetic (rachianesthesia). Depending on the case and the medical issue, it is left in place anywhere from a few days and a few months.

A stent left in place too long can calcify and become obstructed.

What are some undesirable side effects?

  • More frequent need to urinate
  • Lumbar pain at urination
  • Sub-pelvic discomfort
  • Blood in urine

How is the DJ stent removed?

Removal of the DJ stent is generally performed via cystoscopy under local anesthetic of the ureter (anesthetising gel).

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