Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfonction

Description de la démarche

Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction consists of an adaptation of a technology that has existed for many years in different areas of medicine. In urology, high-intensity devices are used for the fragmentation of kidney stones. In orthopedics, lower intensity devices are used for fragmentation of calcifications in some tendons.

How does shock waves work?
Shock waves are acoustic pulsations, or even vibrations of energy, that penetrate the tissues of the cavernous body of the penis. It creates microtrauma that will cause repair factors and new blood vessels. The erection is therefore improved thanks to a better vascularization.
How is a shock wave treatment performed?
The medical objective of this treatment for men with erectile dysfunction is to provide a curative and lasting effect, in order to resume spontaneous sexual activity in a normal intimacy. The shock wave therapy consists in applying, in several treatments, a a probe that emits low-level shockwaves on at least 5 or 6 cavernous parts of the penis. The treatment is painless, for 20 minutes and without analgesia.
How to prepare for a shock wave treatment?
The treatment is done in office, without any preparation. There are few adverse effects and the most common of them is the presence of cutaneous bruises.The treatment is carried out by a nurse specialized in perineal reeducation. The first meeting consisted of an evaluation with Dr. Marois, explanations of the procedure, the first shock wave treatment and home counseling.
How much treatment of schlock wave is needed?
A first series of 6 sessions of shock waves is performed at a rate of 1 to 2 times a week. These 6 meetings are 20-30 minutes. Subsequently, a second evaluation is done by Dr. Marois to evaluate the effectiveness of the first 6 treatments. If the treatment had a significant impact on the quality of the erection, a second set of 6 treatments is administered. It must be kept in mind that to see an improvement in erectile function, it takes a minimum of 3 sessions. If the impact of the treatment on the quality of the erection is not significant, another treatment is proposed.
Who are the candidates for shock wave erectile treatment for erectile dysfonction?
Shock wave therapy is an ideal treatment for patients whose erectile problem is of vascular origin. In other words, for men whose corpus cavernous penis is not vascular enough to allow a sufficient inflow of blood to get a good erection. Therefore, this state-of-the-art treatment is recommended for people with heart disease, who have small clogged arteries, who are diabetic or who smoke.This treatment is also indicated with daily Cialis 5mg to promote recovery and penile re-education of erections to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Patients who have undergone recent radical prostatectomy or radiation treatment for prostate cancer may benefit from this treatment to improve the quality of their erection after these treatments.
How long does the effect of the treatment last?
The effects on improving erectile quality are lasting. They even have a potentially curative range since the erection triggers naturally spontaneously without pharmacological assistance or side effects.
What is the device used for shock waves?
The Storz Medical SD1 Duolith is a device specifically designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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