Post-operative instructions for a penile implant

What can you expect following a penile implant procedure?

The recovery from a penile implant surgery is not necessarily difficult. The majority of patients will experience some pain in the groin area for several days. Dr. Marois will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your incisions, when you can use the implant and what to expect in terms of recovery.

The nurses will explain in detail what you can expect at every stage in this process. The majority of men find that their recovery takes time and is uncomfortable, but that the benefits of the operation make it worth the short-lived inconvenience.

The first 48 hours

Many men require time to recover in the hours directly following the surgery, as the anesthesia takes time to wear off. Though you’ll likely be able to go home the same day, some patients need to remain overnight at the hospital.

During the first 48 hours, you should limit your activities and give your body time to heal. This means lying on your back as often as possible. However, you should also try to walk for about 15 minutes three times per day for better mobility following the recovery period.

Dressings are usually removed 48 hours after the procedure, and the catheter is typically removed the day of the procedure. Generally, you’re sent home the day of the surgery or the day after. A nurse may come to your home a few days after the procedure for post-operative care of your incision and dressing. Alternatively, this care can be self-administered. Painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed at discharge.

The first week

A post-operative checkup is scheduled a week after the procedure to ensure satisfactory healing of the patient and proper functioning of the implant.

Most patients are able to return to work a week after the procedure, but they need to continue to limit their activities for as long as it takes to completely heal. After the first three days, you can take several baths a day. This will help reduce pain in the groin area. Warm water can be beneficial, but you must refrain from aggravating the wound. Your doctor will tell you how to care for the incision.

It can take up to 14 days for your swelling to completely subside. As the swelling goes down, the pain will diminish and you’ll have greater mobility. Generally, the stitches get absorbed within 14 days following the operation.

After a month

A second post-operative visit occurs four weeks after the operation to ensure satisfactory healing of the patient and proper functioning of the implant.

The implant will be activated during this visit. However, patients are advised to not have sexual intercourse with penetration until after the sixth week following the surgery. Over the course of one or multiple visits, you’ll learn how to use the implant in a way that optimizes your satisfaction.

Intense physical activity should be avoided for about a month after the surgery.

To enable proper healing, you must abstain from sexual activity and avoid using the implant in the six weeks following the procedure. However, healing times can vary, so always follow your doctor’s instructions.

After a year

Our follow-up protocol is to examine the patient at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after the surgery.

What to do in the case of an emergency or intensifying pain

Call the office Dr. Marois’ office or call emergency services if there’s an intensification of pain, abnormal discharge from the incision, swelling in

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