How to prepare for a Botulinum Toxin Injection

10 days before the injection
A urine test and a urine culture are required approximately 10 days before the injection. If the culture shows a presence of bacteria, an antibiotic treatment will be started. You will receive a notice from the secretary and a prescription. In addition, an antibiotic treatment required in advance of a period of a few days will be given the day before the operation.
Before the injection
In addition, before the injection, you will need to learn to empty your bladder by a probe (self-catheterization). This is a precaution, it does not mean that the blockage of your bladder will occur, however this precaution is essential. Treatment may be contraindicated if you are not able to do these self-catheterizations or if you refuse to learn them. When the effect of the toxin disappears, the bladder will resume normal emptying.

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