Post-operative recommendations for an Hydrocele Treatment

The day of the surgery
The first day, stay in complete rest.
The day after surgery
The day after the surgery and for the first week, you can walk, but go gradually by alternating periods of activity of 30 minutes with periods of rest. Wear a fitted underwear day and night for more comfort.
The week following the surgery
If a drain has been put in place, it is removed in the first postoperative days; pain near the incision area is usually minimal and temporary.

During the first week, avoid forcing and doing activities that cause pain.

Apply an ice pack with a towel over your scrotum for 20 minutes, every hour, depending on your comfort. Cold helps reduce swelling and relieve pain.
Two weeks after surgery
Do not do any sport for 15 days.
Wait about 15 days before resuming sexual activity.
Try to avoid using the stairs.
Avoid constipation.
2 months after surgery
A control appointment is scheduled two months after the intervention.
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