Post-operative recommendations for Feminine Incontinence Laser Treatments

Right after the surgery
The urinary catheter is removed at the end of surgery. A panty liner is then left in place.

The surgical procedure is painless.
The first days after the surgery
You may feel a burning sensation during urination or you may find that the flow of urine is very weak.
Vaginal discharge may occur for a few days.
The day after the surgery, you can resume normal activity but you should avoid any activity that includes excessive efforts and or lifting heavy loads (greater than 5 kg or 20 lbs.).
You must avoid baths and swimming for a week. A shower can be taken after 24 hours.
After 4 weeks
You can resume sexual relations and sports after four weeks. Once the wound has healed, your sexuality should not be affected.

How long is the recovery?

The average recovery time is about two weeks.

When should you contact a Doctor?

If you experience persistent urinary burns, urine problems or "strong" odour, fever, significant difficulties urinating, be sure to consult your doctor.

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