Recommendations for a child circumcision

Circumcision with stitches
  • Every 4 hours, your child should be given Tylenol (according to his weight) to relieve the pain. You can also give him morphine syrup.
  • Change the Kling bandage (rolled bandage) with Polysporin© ointment once daily for 7 days after shower and as needed during the second week. If the Kling bandage falls off spontaneously a short time after the surgery, don't worry; it can be redone. If the bandage is too tight and it prevents your child from urinating, it can also be rerolled less tightly.
  • No physical activity for a whole week.
  • A 10-minute bath must be taken every day during the second week in order for the stitches to dissolve. It is also advised to continue to apply some Polysporin© ointment once a month in order to minimize the risk of adhesion.
Sutureless circumcision with surgical glue
If surgical glue was applied to close the wound, the glue crust will fall on its own after about 10 days. It often falls completely without any consequences. Showers must be short to avoid excess moisture. Baths are only allowed when there is no more glue crust.
Circumcision with a Plastibell™ Ring
  • Every 4 hours, your child should be given Tylenol (according to his weight) to relieve the pain. You can also give him morphine syrup.
  • No bandage is required. A plaster that covers the penis is sufficient.
  • Apply vaselined or greasy Polysporin© to the glans and the ring. If the child wears a diaper, it must be applied each time the diaper is changed until the ring falls off. If the child is older and no longer wears diapers, apply the Polysporin© at least four times daily.
  • After the ring falls off, continue to implement the Polysporin© twice daily for 1 month to prevent adhesions.The child may take a bath or shower as usual without restriction after 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, the child can take a bath or a shower as usual, until the ring falls off completely.
  • No physical activity for a week.
  • If the ring has not dropped off after 14 days, it is important to consult us in order to prevent the ring from getting stuck. Sometimes the cord may need to be cut and the ring would have to be removed manually. A second local anesthetic is often required. The residual swelling will recover within the following weeks.

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