Preparation for a child circumcision

1h hour before the operation
First, Tylenol should be given to the child (according to his weight) an hour before the appointment. We also recommend a light lunch. In order to facilitate his collaboration, it is advised to speaking distract to the child during the procedure.

What should you bring for the surgery?

Parents should also bring books, games or a tablet with which the child can play during the procedure.

How can you prepare your child for the surgery?

It is very important to prepare him psychologically for the treatment. The nature of the treatment must also be carefully and clearly explained to the child.

Is the circumcision painful?

The worst moment of the circumcision is the sting felt during the penile block. The circumcision is then painless, but the patient will still feel the touch and manipulation. If ever the child becomes too agitated, the circumcision is cancelled and postponed to a later age.

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