Post-operative recommendations for adult circumcision

The day of the surgery
Take Tylenol (650-1000mg) for the pain every 4 hours. You can also take a painkiller according to prescription if you are still in pain.
The week following the surgery
Change the Kling bandage (rolled bandage) with Polysporin ointment (not cream) once per day for 7 days after showering and as needed during the second week. If the Kling bandage falls off on its own after the procedure, there is no need to worry; simply replace it. If the bandage is too tight and keeps you from urinating, you will have to undo it and then redo it less tightly. Avoid physical activity for 1 week.
The month following the surgery
It is highly recommended to continue to put a rolled bandage at night during the 2nd and 3rd weeks to avoid traction on the wound by nocturnal penile tumescence.

Take 10-minute baths starting in the 2nd week to help dissolve the absorbable sutures.

If surgical glue was applied to close the wound, the glue crust will fall on its own after about 10 days. It often falls completely without any consequences. Showers must be short to avoid excess moisture. Baths are only allowed when there is no more glue crust.

Avoid sexual activity for at least 1 month.
2 months after the surgery
An appointment will be scheduled 2 months after surgery.

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