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Why choose us as your Urologist

To provide the full range of diagnostic services and minor urological surgical services in the private sector. At the Clinic Dr. Carlos Marois Private Urologist, we always offer an organized and accessible service in a friendly environment. The services offered are minimally invasive and suitable for minor surgery room in private practice. Our clinic’s environment is welcoming to promote a positive experience. Furthermore, minor urological surgeries requiring general or spinal anesthesia are carried out in a private hospital, accredited with an honor award.


Au fil des ans, le Dr Marois a acquis des connaissances précieuses en pratiquant de nombreuses interventions. Profitez de son expertise unique en découvrant ses articles.

Vaginal laxity: treatments to tighten the vagina other than vaginoplasty
Vaginal laxity is characterized by a slackening of the tissues at the entrance of the vagina. This loss of muscle tone can diminish vaginal sensations during intercourse and decrease the sexual satisfaction of both partners. At Clinique Marois, we strongly believe that women of all ages should enjoy a satisfying sex life. This article outlines some of the best non-surgical solutions for tightening the vagina and thereby enhancing sexual pleasure.

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