Cessation of PCA3 Testing

This bulletin is to inform you that due to the discontinuation of reagents from the supplier, Dynacare will no longer offer PCA3 testing, effective December 31, 2020. Any samples received prior to this date will be tested and reported. For any questions, contact us at 888.988.1888 or DynacareGenetics@dynacare.ca.

Please note however, that Les Cliniques Marois will continue to offer you other diagnostic exams related to prostate cancer, such as PSA, physical exam and transperineal prostate biopsy (https://www.lescliniquesmaroisurologue.ca/en/diagnostics/perineal-prostate-biopsy/) - with or without MRI fusion. (https://www.lescliniquesmaroisurologue.ca/en/diagnostics/prostate-biopsy-via-a-perineal-approach/ )